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Explore the FAQs below to find the information you need to enjoy “Chasing Hope” from the comfort of your own home! Whether you’re unsure about the streaming process or need guidance on accessing the film, we have you covered with clear and concise answers to ensure a seamless viewing experience.

How do I watch after purchasing?

To watch your purchased rental, simply navigate to the watch page, click “log in,” and click the watch button. Additionally, for your convenience, a watch link will be emailed to you for easy access.

How do I stream on my devices?
  1. Apple TV, Chromecast, or Smart TV:
    • The easiest way to watch is to cast from your phone to your smart TV. First, make sure your phone is connected to your smart TV. You may have to enter a code into your phone that your TV generates. Once connected, navigate to the “watch” page, and click “watch.”
    • NOTE: Casting from a laptop to a TV may fail due to DRM restrictions, which help protect our content online. Please be prepared to connect using an HDMI cable (refer to instructions below) in case casting fails.
    • If you have Apple TV, Chromecast (3rd gen or later), or a smart TV with AirPlay (2) or Chromecast:
      • Set your computer, mobile device, or browser to “AirPlay” or “cast” to the TV device.
      • Ensure that the AirPlay settings are set to ‘Cast’ (secondary monitor as separate display) rather than ‘Mirror’.
      • Unlock the showtime of your choice and set your player window to full-screen using the icon at the lower right.
  2. Direct Connection with HDMI Cable:
    • Ensure your computer is close enough to your TV for the HDMI cable to reach between them safely.
    • Connect one end of the HDMI cable into an available HDMI port on the TV.
    • Note the HDMI input number it is being connected to.
    • Plug the other end of the cable into your laptop’s HDMI out port.
    • Set the TV to the HDMI Input port that the computer is connected to using the source or display button on your TV remote.
    • If your computer’s display does not automatically appear on your television screen:
      • For Windows:
        • Right-click on the desktop > Display Settings > Click Detect > Click the “Multiple displays” drop-down box and select “Duplicate these displays” > Click Apply.
      • For Mac:
        • Go to the Apple Menu > choose System Preferences > Choose the “Displays” panel > Hold down the “Option” key to show the “Detect Displays” button (it replaces the ‘Gather Windows’ button) > Click on “Detect Displays” while holding down Option.
What Is "Chasing Hope's" runtime?

The runtime for “Chasing Hope” is 103 minutes (1h 43m). When planning your watch party, remember to factor in this duration. For further guidance, please refer to the “How do showtimes work?” section.

What is the content rating of "Chasing Hope"?

“Chasing Hope” does not have an official MPAA content rating. However, it aligns closely with the content typically found in PG-rated films released by Lifetime or Hallmark. We conducted a screening with an audience ranging from 3 to 85 years old, and received enthusiastic feedback from parents who found the film fully entertaining yet suitable for the whole family.

Can I show "Chasing Hope" at my church or organization?

Yes, we encourage church and organization events. You can purchase our license for such uses here.

Still need help? Contact us here!