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Church Events

“Chasing Hope” delivers a powerful faith message of forgiveness. With a runtime of 103 minutes (1h 43m), there’s ample time to screen the film and share a brief message with your congregation. Schedule your church event below!

Various ways you can utilize the film:

Church Event: Share the movie’s message with your church and community. A movie event is suitable for the entire congregation.

Business Owners: Organize a movie event as a team-building exercise for your employees.

Christian Schools: Arrange a movie event for parents or students.

Although you cannot sell tickets, you can collect donations to make your event a fundraising occasion!

License Size:

Please notes: licenses are determined by your church’s average weekend attendance, not the potential audience size. For all other organizations, the Standard License fee applies.

Rentals include 90 days to start watching and 7 days to finish once started. If you’ve already made a purchase, log in to watch.

If you’ve already purchased a license, log in to start watching:

Small License - $99

For average church attendance of 1-100

Standard License - $199

For average church attendance of 101-999

Large License - $299

For average church attendance of 1,000+